Harvard Study points to using Reverse Mortgage for retirement

Harvard Study points to using Reverse Mortgage for retirement

With the incoming influx of baby boomers entering retirement age, the number of older homeowners will soar in the near future. While many will prefer to age in place, certain challenges will prevent these desires from becoming reality. But here is where a reverse mortgage can be a financially realistic option to help older homeowners alleviate cost burdens and comfortably age in place, according to a new report from Harvard University.

“For those [homeowners] with mortgages they cannot afford but who still have substantial home equity, reverse mortgages may make it more financially feasible to age in place,” the Harvard report states.

Though tapping into home equity can be a welcomed solution to financial hardship, the number of homeowners using it is still fairly low, the report adds.

“There are a fair number of older adults who have the financial resources to keep up in retirement, but there are more adults with moderate to low funds,” Jen Molinsky, senior research associate at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and lead author of the report.”

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